Interior Trim Options


We offer a good modern but visually compatible pair of front seats. They can be trimmed in the same colour as your vehicle. They are on tracks and are easily adjustable, especially useful when one vehicle has several drivers. They come complete with headrests, which are an essential safety item. For more examples please go to our interior trim page. For original bodywork/trim colour combinations please download the colour and paint code pdf.



Morris Minor series III blue seats 1. Series III recliner seats w/ headrests: Vinyl


Per pair, Supplied and Fitted £1035 + VAT
+ Carriage to base (circa £30.00)


Supply only: TRM3100VRH: £450.00 + VAT

                   TRM3100VLH: £450.00 + VAT















Morris Minor series III red leather seats 2. Half Hide Series III recliner seats w/headrests 


Per pair, Supplied and Fitted £1350.00 + VAT

 + Carriage to base (circa £30.00)


Supply only: TRM3100LRH - £595.00 + VAT

                   TRM3100LLH - £595.00 + VAT
























Morris Minor inertia seat belts on red trim 3. Seatbelts


Front inertia seatbelts - supplied and fitted from: £125.00 +VAT


Rear inertia seatbelts - supplied and fitted from: £135.00 +VAT

Centre lap belt - supplied and fitted from: £55.00 +VAT


See Seatbelts page for options










 4. Number Plates



aluminium back number plate NP1 - Oblong Polished Aluminium Beadless Raised digit Number Plate (for Saloon - back plate shown, the front plate has beading as below). £58.00 + VAT 





  aluminium back number plate



aluminium front classic number plate

NP2 - Oblong polished aluminium beaded raised numberplate (Traveller and LCV) - £53.00 + VAT






 aluminium front classic number plate



raised digit number plate front Oblong radiused/beadless Vintage Style Number Plate. £58.00 + VAT + Carriage






 raised digit number plate front

In order to provide the correct plates for your minor we need to know the year it was made and the model. For example Traveller rear plates are different from saloons.


To order Number Plates please provide a copy of your registration document.


VAT at 20% is

Not Incuded

Carriage is 

Not Included

Please see

Terms & Conditions


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