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The Morris Minor: Durable and Iconic

1,300 000 made over 23 years. 4 models, 3 eras, 4 crossover periods, 6 trimstyles, 4 engines, up to 40 upgrades, 3000 parts available.  


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In service of the Morris Minor since 1976, 300 years of combined experience. World wide mail order


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morris minor reconditioned gearbox


morris minor radiator

 Cooling, Fuel & Exhaust

morris minor steering wheel

Steering, Suspension & Brakes

morris minor controls and pedals

Controls & Systems

halogen headlight

Electrics, Instruments & Lights 

morris minor body parts and panels

Body Parts, Panels, Timber & Hood


morris minor doors-and-windows

Doors, Windows & Mirrors 

 morris minor van and pick up

Van & Pick-up Parts

Morris Minor interior trim

Interior Trim, Seats & Wheels

morris minor suspension and brakes

Series III Upgrades






How to use our online catalogue


  • NB: This is an online Catalogue and does not support online purchse. We will be e-commerce friendly in the coming year.


  • The catalogue is divided into sections of the Morris Minor as arranged in the original component catalogues from BMC. We have included as many of the original exploded diagrams to give you a visual aid for identifying the part and its position within the car.

  • Please use the Catalogue Site Map to find your way around.

  • The search facility will take you to specific terms you have searched for. Once the page you need is identified use the menu on the right hand side of the page to see all parts relating to that area of the car.

  • Please set the Display button at the bottom of the catalogue pages to '# ALL' to insure all parts are displayed


  • Where an illustration has a number that does not relate to a part number this means it is no longer available. The number has been left in to help identify that part in conversation and where possible to find a solution to your problem relating to that part.


  • When you find the product you are looking for you can open the order form and either type in the Product Code or cut and paste the code from the table.  This form can then be sent by email to our mail order department.


  • Alternatively you can put your list together and call us to make your order, or if you have any queries.  After all there were many different variations, models and crossover periods.

  • A quick conversation with the relevant information ready will enable us to deliver the correct parts you need for the continuing care of your Morris Minor. Chassis no. (MAS, MAT etc), Registration/Year, Model e.g. Saloon, Traveller, convertible or Van. Any modifications, e.g. engine changes, suspension upgrades, disc brakes, interior trim.

  • Please note that Special Order items are Non-Refundable



Quality Control


Our Parts Department was established in 1976 to provide spares for customers and just as importantly, our workshops. When we choose the spare parts that we keep in stock we only take those items that our workforce use. If there is a problem of quality, dimension or fit our mechanics and restorers are the first to complain and our stores have to find a new supplier or complain to the current supplier that the spares are not up to standard. In this way we guarantee that our stock of parts is of the highest quality that can be found.


Our Parts department staff have a combined experience of over 40 years.  Their knowledge of different models (whether the MM, SeriesII or the 1000) and the years that changes were made, can save a lot of problems as very few Morris Minors are totally original and many have quirks depending on their year. This can be a potential area of confusion for customers and restorers as what appears to be the right part may turn out to belong to a different version of the car.


 Please note that we are NOT affiliated to Morris Minor Centre (Bath).  They are in partnership with ESM.  We can offer general advice but please quote your invoice number for detailed fitting advice.


Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard, Delta, Switch, cheque or Bankers Draft,to be drawn in Great British Pounds. 


Please Note: We can only process PayPal payments on orders previously arranged with one of our team.  This is a Money Request Service only.

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